IT IS WHAT IT IS - Exhibition- Scotland



Luxembourg – European Comission- 23th January – 06th March 2013. Living at the time of extremes, to rethink the concepts, definitions. Globalization involves the need for a new openness. The old nations undertake to follow the new global line: the connection between individuals and cultures. Cuba and China are countries with latent asymmetry of countries sidereal distance and with very different culture.

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Scotland – Studio 41- 22nd July – 27th July, 2013. My work concentrates on its multicultural aspects, it landscapes, and contrasting urban and rural environments. Starting with few preconceptions, I have tried to capture different Scotlands: these have begun to emerge as both realistic and imagined depictions of Scottish life in the image I have been creating recently. This sense of enmeshing different cultures and uniting them into something visually new and different, informs both the process and final outcome of my work.

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Algo parecido jamás será igual

Spain, Barcelona – Josep Soler i Vida- 9th February2012- 03rd March 2012. Photographs had been taken in the south of France, Montpellier and Palavas- Les-Flots. The photos accompanied with poetry make alive the French spirit in the delicacy of the detail daily life.

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